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Remote Controls

Remote Controls

We offer a wide range of remotes covering all your requirements - Ranging from the universal and compatible replacement remote controls to our presentation pointers. (For Trade customers take a look at our excellent programmable symphony remote controls!)

One Remote - More Than 200,000 Possibilities

As accurate as the original, faster than a replica, more universal than a Universal! Meet the amazing Symphony from Ruwido, the original makers of Amadeus, Konig & ASWO-COM replacement remotes.

Many people across the UK are turning to Ruwido’s latest and most powerful remote control. Unlike other remotes the Symphony is programmed via a PC. The full kit includes the remote and special upload cable. Additional blank remotes can be purchased as and when required.

Symphony : Simplicity and Accuracy

·Log on to the 200,000 original TV remote Database.
·Identify the model you want the Symphony to become.
·Plug in the connector and upload the data (upload takes 5 seconds).
·Put in the batteries and sell to your customer.

No waiting, No fuss, No hassle!

The Symphony is revolutionising the replacement remote control business. – Every one of the 200,000 plus models on the CD contains all the data from the original – even with TV’s dating back 20 years every button and every function is faithfully duplicated.

Dealers wanted…………

Many dealers are already using the Symphony within their TV shops. It stops them having the wrong remote on the shelf costing them money. Symphony remotes start as blanks, which means you can turn them into any remote you want – from now on all you need is 1 remote on the shelf, the Symphony

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