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Medical & Clinical

Accuratus Medical & Clinical Products

This category of products are suited for medical and clinical envrioments where a sealed and easy to clean product is required, especially when requiring to meet HTM 01-05 Infection Control Regulations.

Within this category we have our AccuMed range. The Accuratus Accumed range of medical grade keyboards & mice have our NANOARMOUR-2 dual layer antibacterial protection impregnated in the silicone and coated on the surface to aid in deactivating germs/build up of bacteria & virus's. The range are specifically designed for environments which have to meet very high hygienic requirements such as hospitals, dental practices, cosmetic surgeries, doctors, vets, laboratories and in food & pharmaceutical production areas. Not only could these keyboards be used in hygienic areas, they would also be perfect in dusty, dirty and wet situations like workshops, boats and in vehicles.

Our Accumed range have all been designed so that there are no areas around the keys and buttons where dirt and germs can collect, this combined with our Nanoarmour 2 antibacterial technology is the perfect combination to aid with bacteria, virus, fungi and algae control.

What is NANOARMOUR and how does it work?...
NANOARMOUR contains silver nano particles which have an antibacterial activity. Silver nano particles have been used on a wide range of high-end medical products and have been proven to help deactivate Escherichia coli, Staphyloccocus aurous and so many more bacteria... The NANOARMOUR properties will help to deactivate bacteria and virus’s. Please contact us if you would like a test report on the technology used.

As the silver nano particles size is about 1-20 nm, while the bacteria cell size is 100-1000 nm, the silver nano particles can enter into the bacteria cell to release the silver ion to combine with thiol, carboxyl, hydroxyl group in the bacteria cell to deactivate the following functions of the bacteria:

1 - Combine with respiratory enzyme to cause suffocation to the bacteria
2 - Bind with the protease enzyme of the bacteria and cause indegestion
3 - Bind with bacteria's DNA and inhibit cell replication

After the bacterial cell functions are disturbed by the silver nano particles, cell damage and the death of the bacteria cell occur, also inhibiting cell reproduction.


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