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Full Fitting Keyboard Covers

Accuratus Antimicrobial and Non-antimicrobial Keyboard Covers...

Contoured & Full Fitting Shaped Covers

The Accuratus range of keyboard covers are molded on individual keyboard models being shaped around each keycap and wrapping around the keyboard and affixing to its base. They are made from a very strong durable material protecting your keyboard from oil, dirt, dust and spills. With this membrane over the keyboard you can easily disinfect the keyboard with a disinfectant spray to prevent the passing of germs and bacteria.

Key Features
• Completely encases the top and sides of the keyboard, offering waterproof protection from above
• Molded around every key and fully bespoke to each keyboard model
• Over 100,000 models available
• Available with or without antimicrobial protection
• Strong adhesive is around the edge of the membrane, peel the backing and affix to the keyboard

Antimicrobial Keyboard Covers
Incorporating a new silicon-based antimicrobial, its unique activity imparts long lasting bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic properties to substrates, such as textiles, preventing deterioration and discoloration caused by fungi. Furthermore, the antimicrobials prevent algae growth and inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria. This new generation of antimicrobial is incorporated into our antimcrobial keyboard covers. The antimicrobial works in such a way that it does not promote the development of resistant microorganisms.

Our antibacterial keyboard covers exhibit high antimicrobial performance, which reduce odours and discoloration from bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew) and even algae, keeping the keyboard covers safer and cleaner.

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