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Ceratech Unveils Groundbreaking New Bioplastic: Redefining Sustainability in the Industry

A PDF version of this press release can be downloaded here

Computer Peripherals Manufacturer Ceratech Accuratus today reveal their brand new compostable bioplastic!

Industry leading computer peripherals manufacturer Ceratech Accuratus Ltd have been changing the game since 1981. From their brightly coloured, big button "Monster" range to their stylish Trackball mice with ergonomic designs, Ceratech have seen it all. That's why today Ceratech are thrilled to unveil its latest breakthrough - the CA-BIO02-2023Rev2 bioplastic formula!


This cutting-edge formula has been engineered to deliver exceptional strength and durability, while also being fully biodegradable and completely free from traditional plastics and fossil fuels. By introducing this new bioplastic, we are taking significant strides towards reducing the carbon footprint in our industry.

Our commitment to a circular economy is exemplified by our ability to manufacture both current and future products using this innovative bioplastic formula, meaning this advancement doesn’t just propel the entire IT industry towards a more sustainable future – but our existing customers and products too!


For Ceratech's Director of Sales, Angela Lennox, this is a project she's been planning for years: “We had been researching the best bioplastic using renewable biomass resources, however, the existing market products could not offer exactly what was needed for our manufacturing process - so we decided to create our own.

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The Ceratech Accuratus bioplastic is made using fruit and lignum and available in white, natural, black and a whole host of colours in between. This is a game changer for us and has also been part of my personal journey to recycle and reduce waste in our industry. A large section of our products are already made from recycled plastic but we wanted to take it one step further”

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Last year Ceratech made significant progress towards a circular economy in our industry - and we're not slowing down now! Currently, 30% of our products are made from recycled materials or bioplastics, and 80% of our packaging is ocean friendly. By the end of 2025, these rates will be respectively 70% and 100%.

In line with our dedication to a circular economy, we are proud to announce that over 60% of our products are now repairable by consumers. This initiative significantly extends the lifespan of our products, contributing to a substantial reduction in waste and fostering a more environmentally conscious approach.

Going forward, Ceratech will begin introducing their new bioplastic material through their ever expanding eco range. Keep an eye out for brand new bioplastic products as they release later this year!  


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